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Menominee Indian Traditional Singing & Dancing

Saturday at 10am

New to Sundrop Dayz in 2020, the Menominee Indian Tribe Traditional Singing and Dancing at the ball diamond on the corner of Elizabeth and Lincoln.

The song and dance of the Great Lakes Tribes has been a traditional aspect of the Native people for this area for generations. The woodland style of dance was popularized in the 1950's through increased tourism and economic impact. Today we see many styles of these dances and accompanying songs. The difference styles include: traditional, jingle dress, fancy, grass, and chicken dance style. Each of these dances has a specific set of dance moves and regalia which is personalized to each individual dancer. These dance outfits often require many months to complete and will feature handmade beadwork, brightly colored designs, feathers, and animal skins, depending on the complexity of the dancer style. Mastering a dane style takes many years of dedication and hard work. Powwow dancers will often travel thousands of miles each year to compete and exhibition at powwows all over the country. 

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